The FaceApp has taken the world by storm and celebrities are no exception to that. The app shows you what you would look like as an elderly person - is that something we really want to see? Apparently it is considering the fact that everyone has been all over this app. After millions of people downloaded and used the app, posting it to their social media feed to show it off as well, it was said that the Russian government was using the app to get information on voters for the 2020 election. Whether that is true or not, the world did not stop using the app regardless of the threat and now we have endless funny images of people as they would look like in a few decades. Celebrities were just as curious as us regular folk and took to the app and then to their socials to show us them as old people. We collected some of the most unbelievable transformations celebrities underwent thanks to the FaceApp


Lance Bass of NSYNC took to his Instagram to show the world what the entire band would look like in a couple of decades. He captioned the image with a funny line about what the band would look like the next time they got together since getting them all in a room is not as easy thing. A fan responded by saying how emotionally traumatizing it is to see them this way. We agree, we totally agree

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas, who we consider one of the better looking Jonas Brother (sorry, guys!) took to FaceApp as well and posted this old looking yearbook photo of himself in his golden years. He captioned the image "OMJ. Old man Jonas." That is indeed a sight for sore eyes. Honestly, if he looks anything like that as an old man then he is good to go in our books. Team Nick all the way over here!

Jonas Brothers

From just Nick to the whole Jonas Brothers brood. The three brothers posted this image of themselves using the FaceApp. Even here Nick looks incredible, while Joe and Kevin are a little worse for wear. They captioned the image "when you take a trip to the year 3000," which is exactly what it looks like. Fans loved this post and seeing their boy band all grown up and mature, pun intended

Jared Leto 

Jared Leto took his photo from this year's Met Gala (the theme of which was Camp) and put it through the app to see what he would look like in a few decades. The app managed to capture both of his heads, both the real one and the fake on that he is holding. One fan wrote on his post that there is no way he would age as Leto is like a vampire in his youth